Aigoworld News

magic color dream by aigoworld is minted December 2021

Magic color dream by aigoworld is an AI dream art that minted only 1/1 s 50items in ETH chain. # Locked content contains 4K * 7K mega chart, enjoy your colorful dream life!

Aigo multi colored is minted November 2021

Aigo multi colored is unique procedurally generated 1/1 -100 IERC721 NFTs on Polygon Chain.All 2K img Data is stored on IPFS.

Aigokids is Available October 2021

Aigokids are unique procedurally generated NFTs on Polygon Chain, collection of 1000 different kids. welcome to provide advice Love you guys forever!Another version will be released on the ETH chain in the future, let's look forward to and embrace our new NFT era together!good lucky every one .