AIGOkids are unique procedurally generated NFTs on Fantom Opera chain, collection of 1000 different kids. AIGOkids has unique traits: pet, item, hat etc. You can mint, collect and trade AIGOkids. Go to our mint page to get your very own AIGOkids.

We are all unique, restless, souls of our generation. And through the tough restless nights, we look for music as a medium to connecting with our deeper selves. We found a relative gap in the NFT space when it comes to music, and have found that Kanye West's discography is a perfect fit due to its high diversity and relatability to fans as well as its sense of belonging. To bridge music, musical communities, and NFTs together is to connect the missing pieces together. We prioritized and aimed at emphasizing the human emotional need to affiliate with and be part of a community, and like-minded people. We drew inspiration and a theme for our underlying NFTs from art, music, high fashion, streetwear, historical events, celebrities, and ye's inner circle.

Each set not only has musical significance and rarity, but it also represents a different fashion trend from the years 2002 to the present being representative of our generation. And each one of the 10,00 NFTs is unique and tailor-made to be minted to its special 1/1 holder out of more than 150 traits with the mere goal of representing the holder's personality and image on the Blockchain. Our goal is to let every holder feel represented by their NFTs, and a community whether it be through a unique choice of clothes, album, or era. And as you mint, sell, or buy your NFT, whether you decide to Drop out or Graduate, it is there to live eternally on the Blockchain knowingly yours.

Fine Artist :Mrs.Ice cream


Main Program:COsofa

Pro Planning:Mrs.Luo