Aigoworld #1 Galaxy

Congratulations !We have the first Aigoworld star .The coordinates of the star are RA 08h45m10.78 +12°57'41.8'' and it is located in the constellation Cancer.

Check detail in: Aigoworld Galaxy

Welcome to Aigoworld!

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EF JadeDragoncollections 50%




What is Aigoworld?

Aigoworld is a collaboration artists We wanted to introduce something fresh to the NFT space and the realm of collectibles, with a strong artistic approach in 2D\3D and interactive NFT. We wanted to create our own universe in which each aigoer is unique.

We put in a lot of effort to create each aigo collection and art, and we still have a lot of work to do! We are very excited to show you everything. We're both creative, but the technical aspect is still in the works. We really want to highlight the project's creative and aesthetic side; we want to expand this universe and take it as far as we can!

We need an engaged community that understands our aesthetic goals for this to happen. We will do all possible to make the project a success.